78% of CEO’s Think Marketers
Don’t Focus on ROI


Kid hustles hard. Don’t be shy…you have a great future ahead of you.

Neil Patel

This is my story

I won a National Website Design Competition at 18

Just like everyone else I was a beginner. However with hours of practice I made web design a skill. Competing at a National Level I focused on speed, optimization and design.


That Same Year I won a National Social Media Competition

The difference between others and I is that I dive into whatever I’m doing and I try to master the skill. With social media the goal is to drive an emotional response because people respond and engage more.

It was a Snowball Effect

In an organization of 200,000+ people I was 1 of 7 from Washington State to win their emerging leader award.

I Put my Skills to the Test

I decided to test my skills and get certified as an online marketer.

Chosen from Hubspot

After certification Hubspot hosted a contest for the chance to attend Inbound 15. I was 1 of 5 in the world, competing with entrepreneurs of many levels.

My First Big Website

I created the website for the Academy Award Winning Film Forrest Gump.

The Results were so Incredible

That without ever writing a single post I became a contributor for SuccessStory.com

My Career Took Off

I’m constantly looking to improve to reach my goal of becoming one of the best online marketers of all time.

Since Then

I founded CartoonPhotos.com, helped companies of all sizes maximize their revenues and…


I’ve Worked with Several Millionaires

Case Studies

And here are two client case studies that show the specific results I’ve gotten:


Jack Vale

“Proud to know you and looking forward to an even more outstanding and successful 2016 than you can imagine!”


Reza Mokhtarian

“I guarantee you he will boom in the industry. Keep an eye out for this kid…he’s going places.”


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If I can’t provide results. I’ll give you all your money back. You get a 100% refund. You have nothing to lose – but a lot to gain.

If you succeed – I succeed. 

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